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Even Olympians do it: Rulon Gardner Greco-Roman Wrestler

Rulon Gardner is on the biggest loser.

My Doc told me former professional athletes are perfect candidates for surgery because they know how to work out, but they don't know how to eat for normal life and they have had an outrageous calorie need their whole lives.

After athletic careers, we have to become new people.  That's hard.


Surgery gives you a jump start.

Think about it.

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My favorite foods...that are actually good for me. See end for the naughty list

Chicken or shrimp stir fry over brown rice ... I always forget how good it is until I cook and eat

Hurry Curry Chicken (from the Abs Diet Cookbook)

Crunch Time Salad (also from ADC)


Almond butter and sugar free jelly on ww bread


*The naughty list*

I have decided

Salty wins over sweet every time

So my number one favorite of all time is popcorn

Close number two is peanut butter and dark chocolate candy

Toast is no longer on the list because these days toast with butter grosses me out...YAY!!!  Finally

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So here's a good one that I stole

If I can't come up with something interesting to blog about, I'm not above stealing someone else's post and giving my NTBH opinion on the contents thereof.

So here's a good one.

Do I want to run a marathon?


But am I tempted to run a marathon just to say I've done it.  Oh YES!

So checked out this training schedule and I really can't believe that only once in the weeks leading up to the run is it recommended to run over 19 miles.

M Tu W Th F Sa Su
Week 1 Off 3 XC 3 4 XC 6
Week 2 Off 4 XC 4 4 XC 7
Week 3 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 8
Week 4 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 9
Week 5 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 8
Week 6 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 12
Week 7 Off 4 XC 7 4 XC 12
Week 8 Off 4 XC 7 4 XC 14
Week 9 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 15
Week 10 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 16
Week 11 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 17
Week 12 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 18
Week 13 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 20
Week 14 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 14
Week 15 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 10
Week 16 Off 4 XC 5 3 XC 26.2!

Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Run at a conversational pace.
Wednesday: 60 minutes of non-impact exercise (bike, swimming, elliptical).
Thursday: Run at conversational pace. At end of run, do 4-6 sets of strides: gradual accelerations of about 80 meters or 10-15 seconds. The stride should end with you at about 90% of maximum speed.
Friday: Run at conversational pace.
Saturday: 60 minutes of non-impact exercise (bike, swimming, elliptical).
Sunday: Most important run of the week. Run at conversational pace; be sure to drink a fluid/carbohydrate/electrolyte replacement drink every 20-25 minutes on this run.

HELLO!  Do you know how far a marathon is?  26.2 miles.  Why wouldn't I need to practice running that far?  It seems totally skully-whomp-ous to not ever run more than 20 miles before running a 26.2 mile race.

Doesn't it?

What say you?

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Seriously?!? No post since Halloween


No Excuse.


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I wasn't going to do this

I was not going to dress up for Halloween this year.

Just wasn't feeling it.

As I sat in the parking lot at Rite-Aid, checking "to do-s" off my list while waiting to begin Will's Kindergarten Halloween party, I thought "I'll put a little white cream on my face real light and be a Twilight Vampire."

You can't be a Vampire without sparkly skin and Wednesday was very sunny.

You've got to be authentic you know.

So I used spray on hair glitter on my face and hands.

Gold glitter to make "amber eyes" because I'm a vegetarian vampire of course.

Found an excuse to buy the disgusting bag of blood that has been calling my name for a month. Health nuts snack! In my quest to be healthy I have learned that you always keep a supply of "fuel" with you just in case you get hungry. You don't want to "eat" the wrong thing in a moment of weakness.

I have to admit. I was one impressive vampire. Even though Reed kept asking me why I wouldn't wear plastic vampire fangs. He'll have to wait a few years to read Twilight and find out for himself.

I hoped the fluorescent lights would show the sparkle on camera better.  Nope.

Hunting mode

I get a kick out of my old lady hands.

I asked Ned if "everything about me draws you in.  My voice.  My scent.  As if I would need any of that"  hahahahaha!  I chewed cinnamon gum all day.

I could really get attached to pasty white, sparkly skin.  VERY FUN!

The bag of blood is my favorite part.

Don't ask because I have no idea why every picture Ned snapped of me I have my eyes closed.

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The Hands Two Weeks Later

My vampire bite looks great.  But I still don't sparkle in the sunlight.

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The Joy Single Men Miss


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14 Stitches

Bike wreck #2 in my life

I think my story about being bitten by a vampire is much more exciting
But my boys have been pretty fascinated by the whole ordeal
Gotta love boys eh?

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I'm over it

This morning was refreshing!

The first day I didn't wake up with a pounding head ache and plugged sinus'.

I thought it was a mere coincidence that I got sick soon after moving into our new house and have been sick ever since.

Today I kicked it!

I can stay in my new house without fear.

I can run for an hour without hacking up my left lung.

And wow a shower and shave first thing in the morning is NOT over-rated anymore.

HaHaHaHa (inside joke)

Look out world, she's BAAAAA....AAAAck!!!

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